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Saudi Tour 2023 - Opening Ceremony

Tasks: Art Direction - Motion Design

In January 2023, I was in charge of the visual direction and production of visuals for the Saudi Tour opening ceremony.
The event, conceptualized and produced by MICE International, took place in Al Ula, Saudi Arabia, in the magic Elephant Rock UNESCO heritage site.

For the visual production we covered a 3D mapping on the elephant rock, a 25 minutes performance on a 20x5meters holographic screen on 
main stage, and a 9 minutes hybrid drone show, where 3D mapping enhanced the animations made by drones.

Elephant Rock - Drones Show 3D Mapping Visuals

For the first time, we had the opportunity to design visuals for a projection mapping in synchronization with a drone show.

Working closely with MICE International, Lumasky, Giammaria Ravetti and Media Pro we chose to use projection mapping to create a scenario where drones behaved as light sources illuminating the environment around them, resulting in a harmonized and brightful composition that enphatized the beauty of the aerial choreographies and revealed the stunning shapes of the Elephant Rock.


Performance Visuals

Client - Saudi Tour
Agency - MICE International
Visual Design & Art Direction - Francesco Briganti - Resolute Studio
Sound Design - Jean
Performance - ResExtensa
Lighting Director - Giammaria Ravetti