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Cartier Runway Show - High Jewelry Collection 2023

Tasks: Visual & Motion Design

For the 2023 Cartier’s High Jewelry Collection runway show, I had the honor of being involved by Art Director Sergio Pappalettera ( Studio Prodesign ) on the production of the visuals for a stunning scenography, designed by Chiara Stephenson, which involved a series of semitransparent circles where projections created a dynamic and multi-layered scenography.

The show, designed and directed by Lulu Helbaek and Simone Ferrari (LuSi), took place inside the historic Salone dei Cinquecento, located inside Palazzo Vecchio, in Florence.

Visual Designs


"Magnifying the Beauty”; A Cartier Show designed and directed by Lulu Helbaek & Simone Ferrari
Executive Creative Direction & Show Direction: Lulu Helbaek & Simone Ferrari

Executive Producer: Marco Cisaria, Foll.ia
Director of Creation: Stefania Opipari
Set Designer: Chiara Stephenson
Associate Set Designer: Rob McIntyre
Light Designer: Pasquale Mari
Costume Designer: Marina Roberti
Video Design: Sergio Pappalettera
Motion Design: Francesco Briganti
Choreographer: Jared Hageman
Ballet Ensemble: Nuovo Balletto di Toscana

Photos: Luca Parisse, Carlotta Orioli, Stephane Ait Ouarab

Voice and Choir directors: Pilar Bravo & Fred Santambrogio, Op. 64
Producers: Tiziano Piervisani; Eva Pogany
Tech Coordinator: Antonio Passante
Production Stage Manager: Alessandro Voltolin
Light Designer Assistant: Gianni Bertoli
Motion Designers: Pietro Pinto, Giorgio Funaro, Ignazio Lucenti
Choreographer Assistant: Johanna Dyce
Costume Designer Assistant: Valentina Bianchi
Commercial Manager: Francesca Cavalleri